SlenderMan Extended Version

SlenderMan Extended Version 4.8

Extended version of Slenderman for Android


  • Decent Slender style graphics
  • Expanded maps and new objects compared to original Slenderman for Android


  • No teleporting of Slenderman
  • No static
  • No eerie soundtrack
  • Few sound effects
  • Controls are a bit awkward

Not bad

Slender has been the free horror game phenomenon of the year and now an official version of the game is available for Android in the form of SlenderMan. This is the extended version of SlenderMan for Android with a larger map, more objects and the prospect of new updated features in the future.

If you're not familiar with the game, in Slender you have to collect eight scary notes at night in a scary forest while a long limbed freak called Slenderman stalks you by teleporting around and tries to telepathically mash-up your mind. If he gets close, you hear a static noise and if you get too close, this overtakes your mind and you die.

SlenderMan Extended is not an exact remake of Slender. For example, Slenderman doesn't teleport his way towards you like in the original but rather suddenly tends to dramatically pop-up on your screen holding his hands out as if he is Fred Astair. There's no static noise too when he gets close and the only sound effect seems to be an owl. The graphics are OK but Slenderman's arms also seem considerably shorter than the original - he looks more like a normal bloke in a suit prowling around a forest.

SlenderMan Extended for Android doesn't really live-up to the original Slender but it's a half-decent attempt and is worth a try for Slender fans.

SlenderMan Extended Version


SlenderMan Extended Version 4.8

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